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1-Week Advanced Middle School Debate

The Advanced Middle School Debate session is designed for students who are currently active Speech & Debate competitors. Students in this program will work with instructors to enhance their knowledge of debate and work on advanced skills to improve their competitive success. Students will work to structure and argue a variety of different cases as well as learn how to research support for those cases. They will also participate in numerous practice debates where instructors will work with the students to pinpoint and address areas of weakness. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities and drills focusing on their presentation skills, strategic questioning, research, judge adaptation, flowing, and final speeches in the debate. This is an excellent opportunity for students to work in a small group with an experienced instructor to boost them to the next level as a debate competitor.

Note: we do not accept international students for any of our middle school sessions.

2018 1-Week Advanced Middle School Debate Staff Members Include:

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We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed and as we have complete biographic information available. Staff listing may not be fully up to date or reflect all hires to date.

2017 1-Week Advanced Middle School Debate Staff Members Included:

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Karina Momary (Division Director, Middle School Debate)

Karina Momary, Division Director, Middle School Debate

Karina was the Director of Middle School Forensics at The Harker School in San Jose, California for six years.  Under Karina's leadership the team was recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association as an Overall School of Excellence  for five consecutive years. In addition, her students were  the 2011 Lincoln Douglas National Champions, 2012 Congressional Debate National Champions, 2013 Public Forum National Champions, 2013 Congressional Debate National Champions, 2014 Policy Debate National Champions, 2014 Original Oratory National Champion and won multiple state championships in both speech and debate. Karina is a Diamond Coach with the National Speech & Debate Association and her team was recognized by President Obama in 2015. She helped found the California Middle School Speech and Debate State Tournament and helped increase the number of Bay Area tournaments offered to middle school students. She currently works for Stanford Online High School as the Director of Student Life and Community and sponsors their debate club. Her BA is in Political Science and Public Relations, MA in Communication and she starts her Doctorate of Education in the Fall.

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Jess Jung (Middle School Instructor)

Jess Jung, Middle School Instructor

Jae Jung is currently studying Economics with a concentration in urban economics at UC Berkeley.

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Mike Kyle (Middle School Instructor)

Mike Kyle, Middle School Instructor

Mike began his career in the Printing and Marketing industry where he immediately became a noted and featured speaker.  Mike retired from business after owning and operating an independent film studio in Hollywood. Highly-sought after as a speaker, Mike regularly spoke at industry events around the country. Mike continues to consult, speak and present seminars and classes for his industry peers and clients. For the past two years, Mike has been awarded the Alumni Select award for Business Innovation from Arizona State University. Mike currently coaches speech and debate at Nova 42. Mike both teaches competitive debate and speaking, as well as leadership and busines strategy. He shows the students how such rigorous training can pay off in real life situations, as well as accelerate and enhance their career paths and personal relationships.  His students should come prepared to learn, participate, research and engage. Mike and his wife, Jung will be starting a full High School in Pasadena in the Fall as well as opening a Santa Monica branch of their after-school program.

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Megan Wilson (Parliamentary Instructor)

Megan Wilson, Parliamentary Instructor

Megan debated at Yale University for 4 years. She had great success in both American and British Parliamentary styles. In the fall she will start work at Cornerstone Research in New York.


Stanford National Forensic Institute - Alex Ye (Middle School Instructor)

Alex Ye, Middle School Instructor

Alex Ye is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying astrophysics and mathematics. His interests are primarily academic and research-oriented, though he is passionate about education and is considering teaching alongside research in the future. Although Alex has always been intrigued by the cosmos, the sciences have not always been his focus; he entered university intending to study international relations and economics, inspired by his experiences in high school speech and debate. Having attended both state and national tournaments, Alex looks forward to combining his teaching aspirations with his experience in speech and debate to foster a group of individuals that are empowered by and confident in using their voices.

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