Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Non-School Entry Requirements

DEFINITION OF A NON-SCHOOL ENTRY: An independent entry is an entry which does not meet both of two important criteria:

  1. Official sanctioning by the school in which they are primarily enrolled for degree seeking purposes, such that attending the Stanford Invitational is fully an official school trip (not merely a "non-objection to attendance" by the student(s))
  2. Accompaniment by a chaperone who is an employee of the school or is certified by the school to serve as a representative of the school in an official capacity (such as official district voluteer chaperone certification/approval)


SUBMITTING MATERIALS: All materials must be scanned and submitted via the announced digital submission process. It is the obligation of each Non-School squad to properly digitize, organize, and upload their , materials.  The Stanford Individual Waiver must be a separate file, or for squads with multiple students all Stanford Individual Waivers must be combined into a single file.

We can't accept or process piecemeal transmissions of letters or emails that have 50 attachments, as it is extremely difficult to match up names to entries and to combine files prior to filing these with the relevant on-campus parties.



  1. CHAPERONES: Even though an entry is "Non-School," the attending students must still be accompanied by a parent or designated ADULT (21+) chaperone at all times while at the competition.  This requirement is of absolute importance: should a student be found to be unchaperoned at any point of the competition, they will be immediately dropped from any/all events at the tournament--no exceptions!

  2. FEES: Non-School entry payments MUST be received no later than January 25th, 2019.

  3. TEAM NAME: The students must use a variant of the school name if the students attend a "school," but may use the addition "Independent" as a portion of the name. If the entry is of a "home school" nature, the entry should reflect the geography of the entry - example: "Stanford Independent" for a home school independent entry from Stanford, CA. If you need to change the name of your Tabroom account, please email direct your request to tabroom's support channels.

  4. DECLARING NON-SCHOOL STATUS: Students must clearly indicate if they are an independent, home school, club or academy entry upon signing-up. Entries discovered to actually be independent, home school, club or academy status during the tournament who did not correctly declare their status on the Tabroom entry program at point of entry and fully complete the required paperwork in advance of the tournament as specified in this list may be dropped from the tournament without refund.

  5. LETTERS/PERMISSION: To be accepted as a Non-School entry the attending group must include complete and correctly executed authorization letters from each student's parent(s)/guardian(s) no later than January 25th, 2019.  For an independent entry to be accepted, we must have:

    • A letter from a parent of each participant, with the text as in the template below.
    • A fully and correctly completed & signed Individual Waiver. NO MODIFICATIONS MAY BE MADE TO THIS AGREEMENT, which is required for all minors participating in any official activity or program on the Stanford campus.
    • All entries, including Non-School entries, must have a responsible adult chaperone with them at the tournament at all times and Stanford Debate does not provide any chaperones or supervisions for students attending the tournament.



THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS ARE LISTED BELOW: Every single student that attends via the Non-School entry mechanism (anything other than via a traditional school with official school chaperone) must submit both documents listed below.  For the sake of clarity, every indepedendent entry, homeschooled student, and "club" or "academy" participant is bound by this requirement.


1) Stanford Individual WaiverThe waiver can be accesed from this link


2) Parent Letter (template--copy/paste the text and fill in the blanks as appropriate):



Dear Stanford Debate Society:

This letter is to inform you that we would like our child, ___________________, to attend the Stanford Invitational from February 9-11, 2019 and that she / he does so with our full consent and permission. We have arranged for our child to be fully chaperoned and for transportation to our satisfaction, and accept full responsibility and liability for our child during the entire course of the event.  We understand and agree that Stanford Debate and Stanford University, their employees, and their agents provide no chaperones for the event, and further agree that Stanford Debate and Stanford University, their employees, and their agents are hereby relieved of any responsibility or liability of any sort for the supervision of our child.

Persuant to the tournament's invitation we understand and agree that our child will be chaperoned by the responsible adult listed below and that should the tournament discover that my child is not accompanied by a responsible adult who is physically present on campus in compliance with the tournament's policies that my child will be disqualified from the competition with no refund and will be asked to leave the event immediately.

The following person will be chaperoning our child:

Name: _________________

Cell phone: _______________

Relationship to our child: _________________


By signing this we are certifying that we are in fact the legal guardians of the listed child, and have full legal authority to act on the listed child's behalf.


Name, Sign, Date

Contact info: e-mail & phone