Stanford Invitational Tournament

Deb Witherspoon

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Deb Witherspoon (IE Instructor)

Deb Witherspoon, IE Instructor

Deborah Witherspoon is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College with degrees in Theatre & Psychological Science. She was the 2012-2013 California State Champion in Duo Interpretation along with her duo partner, Sarah Dahdouh. She has won 5 National titles in the Duo and Duet catagories (three NIETOC titles, one CFL title and one NFL title.) Deb also has experience with the Dramatic, Humorous, Prose, and Poetry events and is familiar with the other public speaking events. In addition to her many speech titles Deb was a huge part of the Theatre and Dance Department at her college and has been an integral part of most of the main stage plays in her college career. Recently, Deb studied abroad in London, England which gave her new insights to the acting world. She returned with inspired ideas and techniques that she is excited to share with her students and colleagues. Her many accolades and experiences have given her the opportunity to learn from the best and she hopes to return the favor by being a creative, dedicated, and encouraging coach and mentor.