Stanford Invitational Tournament

Toni Nielson

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Toni Nielson (Division Director, Coaches' Institute)

Toni Nielson, Division Director, Coaches' Institute

Toni Nielson has been a member of the debate community for 23 years, a college speech and debate coach for 12 years, and currently serves as the executive director at the Bay Area Urban Debate League. Toni has significant experience in Individual Events (Impromptu, Extemp, Original Oratory, Original Advocacy, Expository), Student Congress, and Debate (Team/Policy, Public Forum, LD, Parliamentary, World’s). Her teams have been the recipients of numerous awards including accommodations from the City of Garden Grove, the City of Oakland, and the California House of Representatives. She is a Galentine Award recipient for excellence in coaching and is featured in the debate documentary “Resolved”.  Known as the “Coach of Coaches”, Toni’s educational stance is largely based on an existentialist pedagogy where hands on application is the most effective means of learning debate.