Stanford Invitational Tournament

Paxton Attridge

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Paxton Attridge (Individual Events Instructor)

Paxton Attridge, Individual Events Instructor

The 2018-2019 season will be Paxton's 11th year of involvement in forensics. While competing for Tempe Preparatory Academy, Paxton reached the final round of Impromptu Speaking at the Cal Berkeley Invitational, and as a member of Arizona State University's team placed 5th in Improptu at the AFA National Individual Events Tournament, 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking at the NFA Tournament, and reached various national elimination rounds in Duo Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, and Rhetorical Criticism. Paxton coached for his high school alma mater for four years, assisting students in winning several state titles, qualifying to nationals, and reaching elimination rounds at the UKTOC and NSDA National Tournament in Impromptu, Extemporaneous, and Original Oratory. While coaching for my alma mater university, his students reached final rounds in Extemporaenous, Impromptu, Prose, and Rhetorical Criticism at the AFA-NIET, National Speech Championship, and NFA Tournament, including championships in the Limited Preparation events. Paxton believes that the discipline and creativity that coaches can help their students develop in every event (particularly the LPs) aren't inherent talent, they're skills that can be taught, and so he approaches the events that he coaches with detail, positivity, and a goal - that his students learn something from every single practice speech.