Stanford Invitational Tournament

Claudia Ribera

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Claudia Ribera (LD Instructor)

Claudia Ribera, LD Instructor

Claudia debated at Katy Taylor High School for one year and is now a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where she currently competes in college policy debate. She cleared at national tournaments such as the University of Houston, UT Austin, Strake Jesuit, Harvard Westlake, and attended the Holy Cross Round Robin. She qualified for the NSDA World Schools Debate tournament twice and got to quarterfinals her junior year. As a first year coach, Claudia has gotten her debaters to reach elimination rounds of national tournaments such as UC Berkeley, Isidore Newman, University of Houston, Apple Valley, UT Austin, Strake Jesuit, Kandi King, Apple Valley RR, Strake Jesuit RR, and qualify to the TOC.