Stanford Invitational Tournament

Nate Graziano

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Nate Graziano (LD Instructor)

Nate Graziano, LD Instructor

Currently a coach at Kent Denver School, Nate has been involved in debate for the last decade and will be beginning his 5th year of coaching this season. He competed in CX and LD in high school, and travelled with the University of Wyoming Policy team on the NDT/CEDA circuit during college. He also received a first round bid from the NPTE/NPDA Parliamentary Debate circuit while competing at CSU-Pueblo. While coaching at Kent Denver School, Nate has coached numerous Policy and LD debaters including 2 TOC appearances, A Glenbrooks Quarter Finalist, an ASU Invitational Championship, and several HSImpact Coaches Poll showings. Nate has worked with and coached debaters in many debate backgrounds and events and looks forward to working with you all at SNFI this summer.