Stanford Invitational Tournament

Austin Brittenham

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Austin Brittenham (Middle School Instructor)

Austin Brittenham, Middle School Instructor

Austin brings ten years of debate competition and coaching experience to the SNFI. In high school, he competed in Policy Debate for 3 years at Centennial, in Boise, Idaho. He, and his debate partner Paige Spraker, would be the first team from Centennial to debate in a Tournament of Champions bid round in the prior 8 years. In college, he debated at the University of Puget Sound for 4 years in Policy Debate; Austin would be a 3 time Cross Examination Debate Association elimination round debater, top 20 individual speaker, and 2 year National Debate Tournament attendent, and 2016 All American debater.

After graduating, he has finished two years of debate coaching at the University of Puget Sound. First, in Parlimentary Debate, then in Policy Debate. In 2018, he was the Pacific Region Critic of the Year - demonstrating a successful shift from competitor to coach and judge. In 2017, he was fortunate enough to work with high schoolers at the Pioneer Debate Institute at Lewis and Clark University for 2 weeks; his cohort were young high school students with little-to-no debate experience. 

This summer he brings a goofy smile, lighthearted but disciplined coaching to help students achieve their educational goals, and (very likely) bad taste in pop music!