Stanford Invitational Tournament

Nicholas Aranda

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Nicholas Aranda (Instructor)

Nicholas Aranda, Instructor

Nicholas Aranda is an undergraduate student at Regis University in Denver, Colorado where he studies and works as a student research assistant in Post-Heideggarian Metaphysics and Contemporary Critical Peace Studies. In High School, Nicholas enjoyed competitive success in PF, WSD, and LD. His senior year of High School, Nicholas was a William Woods Tate Jr. NSDA Student of the Year finalist. Nicholas is the Student Vice President of Academic Affairs at Regis, where he also debates for the Regis University Debate Society in British Parliamentary Debate. As one half of the Regis Aranda-Cheshire debate partnership, Nicholas won the 2019 U.S. Universities Western Debate Championship and has advanced to elimination rounds at numerous invitationals and championships including the Cornell IV, Chicago IV, Seattle IV, Regis IV, USUDC and more. He has coached teams across the U.S. and overseas, most recently, promoting debate education across the West Bank in Palestine.