Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Entry Fees & Payment Instructions

All payments for the 2021 Stanford Invitational must be remitted via ASSU ePay, the Associated Students of Stanford University's electronic payment system!

Stanford Debate no longer processes any payments directly, so DO NOT mail a payment (paper check or otherwise) to any address you may have on file for Stanford Debate from previous years!

W-9 Form

How to make payment to the Stanford Invitational via ASSU ePay (the Associated Students of Stanford University's electronic payment system):



2021 Fees: generates a comprehensive and authoritative invoice for every squad's entry at the Stanford Invitational, and the information below is for reference only; note that all Stanford Invitational pricing reflects a 3% cash discount, and credit card payments are not eligible for the cash discount 

Administrative fees: these apply to squad accounts independently/separately from the entry & judge fees detailed in subsequent sections

Entries: these are all "per unique entry"

Hired judging (uncovered entries):​ note that all fees below are in addition to the entry fees and subject to approval by the tournament after you submit a "judge hire" request via; your simply paying the relevant hire fees does not mean that the tournament has agreed to or is able to provide the requisite judging to cover your entry!