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LD Intensive Practice Round Session

The SNFI’s unique LD Extended Week is built upon one important premise: for most students of debate, practice rounds with in-depth critiques by quality instructors are the single most efficient path to quick improvement. The focus of the program is improvement of technique and execution. Participants will practice and master the theories, strategies, and techniques worked on during the first two weeks of the SNFI or at a previous debate camp. The Extended Week’s world class instructors will push students to eliminate specific weaknesses and polish their skills before the beginning of the competitive year. By the end of the week, debaters in this program will completed at least 12 additional rounds of debate, or the equivalent of two full invitational style tournaments. For some students that is equivalent to having an additional semester of experience in a single week!

SNFI’s rigorous approach contrasts starkly with the normal quota of rounds at other camps, which usually send students home with fewer than 10 practice debates. SNFI’s intensive practice schedule leads students to push beyond the topic basics and to delve into deeper philosophical, logical, and strategic issues. The Extended Week provides an unmatched student to staff ratio of 6:1 or better. After a full week of practice rounds, previous graduates of SNFI’s Third Week excelled at the most prestigious tournaments of the beginning of the season, reaching the elimination rounds at Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Valley, Grapevine, Yale, Iowa Caucus, and Valley.

This cutting edge program features:

2020 LD Intensive Practice Round Session Staff Members Include:

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2019 LD Intensive Practice Round Session Staff Members Included:

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Brian Manuel (Debate Programs Coordinator)

Brian Manuel, Debate Programs Coordinator

Brian is the Director of Debate at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School in New York and Director of Policy Debate at Stanford University, in addition to serving as a consultant for the National Speech & Debate Association. Widely recognized for his unrivaled talent in revitalizing traditional programs, Brian was named the 2008 Michael Bacon Coach of the Year and 2016 Val A. Browning Director of the Year. He has been coaching for nearly 20 years and was recently elected to the Executive Board of the National Debate Coaches Association.

Under his leadership, Edgemont’s debate program has flourished, winning five state championships and countless speaker awards, as well as presenting to the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill. His students championed the 2015 Georgetown Day School Invitational and 2018 Mamaroneck Round Robin in Policy Debate; 2018 Harrison Round Robin and 2019 Newark Round Robin in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; and 2016 Lakeland Round Robin, 2016 Westchester Classic, 2018 University of Michigan High-School Tournament, and 2019 Lakeland Round Robin in Public Forum Debate. After past outround appearances in Policy and Lincoln-Douglas, Edgemont will be represented in all principal debate events at this year’s Tournament of Champions. Brian has enjoyed equal success at Stanford, where he coached its first team in two decades—and fourth team ever—to qualify for the National Debate Tournament, finishing in the top 30 in both 2013 and 2015.

Over the course of his professional career, Brian has coached for Harvard University, College Preparatory School, Cathedral Preparatory School, Chattahoochee High School, Lakeland High School, and Scranton High School. His students have advanced to elimination rounds at every major national tournament, including NSDA, NDCA, NCFL, and CEDA Nationals. He also coached the champions of the 2003 Big Bronx Invitational, 2008 Barkley Forum, and 2012 Golden Desert Tournament in Policy Debate, along with the 2007 NCFL finalists, 2012 NSDA finalists, and 2013 Phyllis Flory Barton top speaker.

During the summer, Brian serves as the Academic Director at the Stanford National Forensic Institute. He previously taught workshops at the University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, Georgetown University, and Millennial Speech & Debate. Brian is looking forward to his eleventh summer at SNFI!

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Nate Graziano (Instructor)

Nate Graziano, Instructor

Nate has been involved with debate for the last decade - participating in many different types of debate including NDT/CEDA Policy at the University of Wyoming and even received a first-round bid to the NPTE while competiting on the Parlimentary Circuit for CSU-Pueblo. Currently a coach at Kent Denver School, Nate has coached numerous Policy and LD debaters including 4 different ToC appearances, A Glenbrooks Quarterfinalist, A Berkeley Quarterfinalist, an ASU Invitational Championship, and several HSImpact Coaches Poll showings. He has also been asked to judge elimination rounds at some of the largest tournaments around the country, including Semi-Finals at Berkeley, the ToC, and the NSDA Tournament. He most recently coached 2 teams to outrounds at the eTOC with semis and quarters apperances. Nate loves coaching and working with debaters of all skill levels looks forward to working with you again at SNFI this summer!  

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Mina Lee (Instructor)

Mina Lee, Instructor

No profile currently available

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Sydney Pasquinelli (Instructor)

Sydney Pasquinelli, Instructor

Dr. Sydney Pasquinelli is the Director of Debate and a professor of argument and communication at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. She has been involved in competitive policy debate for over 15 years, serving as a coach for Groves High School, Wake Forest University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Oklahoma, Stanford University, Edgemont High School before she recently ended up as Director at Wayne State University (her alma mater). Sydney has expanded her coaching experience in the last couple years to become more involved in Lincoln Douglas debate as well. Her philosophy towards debate emphasizes openness to and engagement with all arguments and styles of argument.

Stanford National Forensic Institute - Claudia Ribera (Instructor)

Claudia Ribera, Instructor

Claudia debated at Katy Taylor High School in LD and is a student at the University of Texas at Austin where she is majoring in International Relations and Global Studies. Claudia competed locally and nationally, having success on both circuits. She qualified for the TFA State tournament, NSDA Nationals twice in World Schools debate where she reached to quarterfinals her junior year, and competed in outrounds of many circuit tournaments. Claudia has experience coaching high school debaters in CX and LD. Her debaters have cleared at numerous national circuit tournaments, round robins, NSDA Nationals, TFA, and accumulate bids to TOC in LD and CX. 

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