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2024 SNFI Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with Stanford Debate!

We are always looking for dynamic and experienced instructors to help us execute our programs. Our ideal candidate can openly communicate with fellow staff members and work with a team to ensure students a successful summer experience. We encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds. If you have questions email us directly.

Room and Board for In-Person Positions

At all of our residential summer programs we are able to provide room and board on campus for our staff members hired for in-person roles. At some of our residential programs we are able to accommodate staff members who prefer to commute to and from campus each day. If you have a strong preference about whether you would like to stay on campus or commute, feel free to include your preference in your cover letter. If you are contacted for an interview, the Camp Director will be able to discuss room/board and evening supervision options with you. These options may vary from camp to camp.


Camp sessions range in length from one week to four weeks. Please note that the dates listed on our schedule pages are for campers and their families. Staff members are generally expected to arrive at camp earlier than students for staff prep and training. Directors have additional pre-camp duties. Individual Camp Directors will determine the staff arrival time for their camps. If you are contacted for an interview, the Camp Director will be able to discuss the camp schedule in more detail with you.