Stanford Invitational Tournament

Video Gallery

2-Week Core Lincoln Douglas Program

LD Intensive Practice Round Session

Policy Intensive Practice Round Session

2-Week Core Individual Events Program


Student produced montage from 2008 SNFI IE camp

Student produced montage from 2009 SNFI IE camp

Student produced montage from 2008 SNFI IE camp

Public Forum Intensive Practice Round Session

Coaches' Institute

3-Week Core Policy Program

4-Week Policy Experience

2-Week Parliamentary Program

1-Week Middle School Debate Basics

2-Week Core Beginners' Policy Program

Worlds Schools Parliamentary

2-Week Core Public Forum Program

3-Week Lincoln Douglas Experience

3-Week Public Forum Experience

3-Week Beginners' Policy Experience

2-Week Middle School Debate Experience

1-Week Individual Events Workout

3-Week Individual Events Experience

1-Week Public Forum Workout

2-Week Core Congressional Debate Program

1-Week Middle School Competitive Speech

1-Week Lincoln Douglas Workout

1-Week Congressional Debate Workout

1-Week Introduction to Argumentation & Debate

3-Week Beginners' Core Flex Package

4-Week Beginners' Experience Flex Package

2-Week Beginners' Flex Package

1-Week Policy Debate Workout

1-Week Middle School Advanced Debate

1-Week Public Speaking Introduction

2-Week Advanced Parliamentary Program

1-Week Introduction to Competitive Speech

2-Week Beginners' Competitive Speech Program

3-Week Core Beginners' Competitive Speech Program

4-Week Beginners’ Competitive Speech Experience

2-Week Middle School Competitive Speech Experience

2-Week Middle School Forensics Experience

1-Week Middle School Public Speaking

2-Week Middle School Public Forum Program

2-Week Core Interpretive Events Program

2-Week Core Limited Prep Events Program

2-Week Core Oratory Events Program

1-Week Middle School Public Forum Workout

2-Week Forensics Experience

2-Week Public Speaking + Introduction to Debate Experience

2-Week Middle School Public Speaking + Debate Basics Experience

1-Week Parliamentary Debate Program

2-Week Core Parliamentary Program

3-Week Parliamentary Experience

Parliamentary Intensive Practice Round Session