Stanford Invitational Tournament

Welcome to the Stanford National Forensic Institute

SNFI is a national caliber speech, debate & public speaking summer program operated by the Stanford Debate Society at Stanford University since 1990. More than 5,000 students have joined us over the last decade.

Thanks for joining us this summer!  Please return to see the dates of our 2022 programs which we anticipate to be available by late 2021.

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SNFI Alumni Say

"I learned more at this camp than I did during the entire school year."

-- Justin, SNFI Participant

"When I got here, I didn’t know anything. Now I feel prepared for the season to start."

-- Beatrice, SNFI Participant

"Not only did I get better at debate, but I met amazing people."

-- Dhruv, SNFI Participant

"I feel so prepared. The coaches pushed me to want to put in work for this season."

-- Tavan, SNFI Participant

"The sheer amount of experience given within a 3-week period is enough practice to equate to a year and a half of debate, and that develops debaters at a very accelerated rate."

-- Kayra, SNFI Participant

More Information

For more information on the different debate formats and assistance in selecting the right summer program for your academic and competitive goals, please visit our guide on How to Select the Right Program

To learn more about the academic skills developed and career traits honed within debate, please visit our Why Debate? page.

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Enrollment Policies to read more about the SNFI camp experience and the enrollment process.

You can also download brochures.