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Public Forum Debate


The SNFI treats Public Forum as the distinct event it is, and the program has its own dedicated instructional staff as well as a specific division director and a unique curriculum developed for Public Forum. The program is divided into sessions that are organized progressively to cater to students at all levels:

The Beginner's week is a special focus program for beginners and early-intermediate students only, which means these students will be tracked with peers at their own experience level allowing the whole group to accomplish rapid academic progress, yet as a result of the similar skill and experience of the students to move at a comfortable instructional pace and with a friendly and nurturing atmosphere.  After completing the Beginner's week, students will be ready to transition into the 2-Week Core program should they stay for the main session.

The 2-Week Core is the main session, which covers the main topics of the program.  We strongly suggest that all students who attend the SNFI Public Forum program build their experience around the 2-Week Core. 

The Intensive Practice Round Session is a supplemental program focused primarily on practice rounds. After completeing this week, a student will have had experience equivalent to several regular tournaments! In addition to practice rounds, several special topics appropriate for rising varsity level students shall be covered, such as advanced strategy and extensive consideration of advanced crossfire and cross-ex techniques.


Students may do one week, two weeks, or all three weeks of the program.  A student who does the first two weeks can expect to leave the program significantly improved, having progressed significantly in their skill and ability.  Students may wish to do both the 2-Week Core and the Intensive Practice Round Session to get the added benefit of having complete the equivalent of two full tournaments of competition.  It is recommended that students who wish to attend the Intensive Practice Round Session also attend the 2-Week Core, as many of the materials covered in the second week will be used during the Intensive Practice Round Session.  The Intensive Practice Round Session can be attended independently of the other programs if and only if a student is highly motivated and is prepared to arrive at the program having completed significant independent preparatory work. Any student interested in only the Intensive Practice Round Session should contact us for more information (see menu bar and click "contact us").

2024 Public Forum Debate Staff Members Include:

Check back closer to the start of camp for details on our 2024 staff

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed and as we have complete biographic information available. Staff listing may not be fully up to date or reflect all hires to date.

2023 Public Forum Debate Staff Members Included:

Upcoming Camps

1-Week Public Forum Workout

The 1-Week Public Forum Workout is designed for students who don't have the time to complete the full 2-Week Core Public Forum Program.  We recommend that students who are able choose to attend the 2-Week Core Public Forum Program or the 3-Week Public Forum Experience.  Based on past requests, we recognize that some students are unable to fit the full program into their summer and offer this shortened program to allow more students to sharpen their Public Forum skills over...

2-Week Core Public Forum Program

The Core Program for Public Forum is designed for students from intermediate through advanced level. Students will be grouped by experience and competitive success within teaching groups so that each lab can progress as a unit as rapidly as possible.

Given the focus of this program on skill building, this program offers students with little to no experienced coaching at their schools the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to actually coach themselves.


3-Week Public Forum Experience

The 3-Week Complete Public Forum Experience combines our 2-Week Core Public Forum Program and our Intensive Practice Round Public Forum Session.  For more information on both programs, please visit their respective pages.

Public Forum Intensive Practice Round Session

This session emphasizes practice rounds and improvement through in-depth critiques as the central theme of the program. Students will receive several practice rounds per day on average, and by the end of the week will have literally completed the equivalent of several tournaments worth of practice--all with extensive feedback. Several special topics are covered during the program, including:

  • Crossfire techniques: A specially designed practicum on how to make the most...