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Commuter vs Resident: What's the Difference?


In-Person options: All of our in-person camps are designed as Residential academic programs, meaning that the academic schedule is designed to fill the majority of the day.  Most days this means that students will have scheduled activities from 9AM to 8PM, with meal breaks at appropriate times.  There may be optional academic options on some evenings after 8PM.  On the last 2 days of a camp the schedule may run as late as 10PM to accommodate the final intra-camp debate tournament.  For a general overview of what a schedule at camp looks like, see our sample schedule page.

We offer a commuter option for local families who would prefer their students to live at home during the program, and a day camp with shorter hours for our middle school programs.  The academics remain unchanged for commuting students as in essence we are offering you the same program without a dorm room, but for day camp students there is no after dinner academic session.

Resident option: grades 7-8 & 9-12

Commuter option: grades 7-8 & 9-12

Day Camp option: grades 7-8 only