Stanford Invitational Tournament

Refund Policy & Tuition Protection Plan

Refunds are provided only with purchase of cancellation protection - our Tuition Protection Plan - which must be purchased at the time of registration. Stanford Debate incurs a variety of irrecoverable costs related to contract guarantees to Stanford University and the need to make commitments to our summer staff, and as a result, we are unable to offer any refunds unless our Tuition Protection Plan has been purchased at the time of initial registration.

We understand that sometimes families must cancel their registration due to unforeseen circumstances, but we are unable to issue refunds in such cases without purchase of the protection plan. In essence, all cancellations are of course 'unforeseen,' and this is not a reason on its own we can accept for refunds. For this reason we do recommend that all families purchase our protection plan or make alternative arrangements via their choice of private providers for travel insurance or other means that are appropriate given specific needs that vary from family to family.

Our tuition protection plan provides a refund (including the normally non-refundable deposit but not the protection plan premium itself) if camp enrollment is cancelled by written notification prior to the start of the program as according to the refund schedule below. No refund is provided if the cancellation request is received two days or fewer from the start of camp, or of course after camp has begun, even with our tuition protection plan. The cost of the tuition protection plan is 10% of the total cost of the program, before any discounts.

The Tuition Protection Plan can only by purchased on initial application, and can't be added at any later date. The Tuition Protection Plan can't be canceled or removed from your registration for a camp session after your initial signup, and in no circumstance is the Tuition Protection Plan premium itself refundable.

This written refund cancellation policy is always binding and no verbal communication from SNFI staff may override the written policy.  Only Executive Director Rich Boltizar may issue a written waiver to these policies.  All requests for a waiver must be submitted in writing for review, and any waiver review decision is unappealable.

The amount of a refund with the Tuition Protection Plan is determined by the time of cancellation notification as outlined below:

Changes to an camp session in the same camp season (summer) may be accommodated only on a space-available basis and are subject to a $100 processing fee.  In the event of a voluntary date change, the base deposit amount ($400 per week) paid to hold a place in a given week of camp is non-transferrable to a different week of camp.  For instance, changing a 1-Week session to a different 1-Week session would entail a $100 administrative processing fee, and if the dates of the new session are different from the dates of the original session the $400 base deposit for the specific dates of the original 1-Week session would be non-transferrable.  Changing a 2-Week session to a 2-week session starting one week later would entail a $100 administrative processing fee and the base deposit of $400 holidng the first week of the original camp session regstration would not be transferrable to the new camp session as the student would not be at camp for that calendar week.