Stanford Invitational Tournament

Rules, Responsibilities & Agreements For SNFI Attendees & Parents

All SNFI programs are operated with the following rules and policies (which you must agree to prior to attending the program). These rules and policies have been designed to ensure the safety & health and to safeguard the academic experience of all students at the programs, as well as to meet the requirements and expectations of Stanford University 

SNFI programs are challenging and are designed for students who are behaviorally and emotionally developed to at least the average for their age group. Students who have had significant behavioral or discipline-related issues are not a good fit for these academic programs; please contact our office for suggestions for alternative programs and resources.

Camp directors and staff will ensure that program rules and policies are enforced. Minor rules violations may result in a warning, a call home, and/or a study hall or work detail. Major rules violations may result in probation or expulsion from the program.

Here are samples of the agreements you will be required to sign and agree to in order to participate in the program!  PLEASE do not print and mail these in, as there is an electronic method of submission available to you from within the Parent Portal once you've enrolled in camp!

In-person programs at Stanford University:

Online Virtual Programs: