Coaches Institute

The Institute provided me with tools to build a successful program-I wanted tools to be able to take my program from a growing program to a sustaining program. I also wanted to help my students be more successful and to provide them with the highest quality coaching and management. The institute gave me all that and more. I went home with several giant binders FULL of curriculum, which I have used heavily, and access to the insight of the best coaches in nearly every area. Being able to get their experience, advice and encouragement has been invaluable. Last year, I had 3 girls break to semis at State Quals and was frustrated that my students would be on the edge but something kept them from the highest levels. The improvement in my team has been dramatic. This year, we broke to elims in every single tournament, qualified 6 to State and placed 7th in our large league despite being a small team. Not only that, but my team feels more bonded, the school community feels more connected to the team, and I have made positive gains for recruitment for future years to come. I 100% believe the edge for my program came from my time at the Institute and the incredible staff and guest speakers that were assembled for us. The size was perfect to get to know my fellow coaches and bounce ideas off of one another, with a breadth of experience. I cannot overstate the quality of the guest lecturers and materials this institute provided me.

— Sarah McGuinn, Director of Forensics, Notre Dame San Jose, Coaches' Institute student

[2010] was the first year of the Stanford Coaches Institute and usually the first year of anything "organized" tends to have major problems---but not the SCI. I knew the trusted and respected reputations of the leaders of this Institute and was therefore not disappointed in this excellent week of instruction and inter-action. Yes, there were a few minor problems but they were corrected immediately and thus this second year of the Institute is the recipient of concerned and thoughtful "tweeking." I wish I could now go again this year to hear more excellent presentations from instructors, coaches and students which helped me tremendously in my own preparations for this year; we got two freshmen to State this year in Parliamentary---so it must have worked.

— David Coombs, Campbell Hall Speech and Debate Coach, Coaches' Institute student

Congressional Debate

This camp helped me improve so much in so little time, and I honestly think that a program like this is essential to really improving skills.

— Jennifer Giolitti, student, 2-Week Core Congressional Debate Program student

I would definitely recommend this camp because I learnt a LOT, and the instructors were actually so good - they were intense so we learnt but they were chill and made it fun!

— Sachi Madan, 2-Week Core Congressional Debate Program student

Individual Events (Competitive Speech)

I attended the IE camp last summer. I learned a lot about Extemp from Zack Prax and Tim Greenfield. I just wanted to tell yall that I really enjoyed the camp, and it helped me advance a ton as a competitive speaker. I went from being a semifinalist last year at the Colorado state tournament last year to winning it this year, and I think SNFI was responsible for that. So I just wanted to let yall know that you are doing a fantastic job and that you should keep it up.

— Dan Morgan-Russell, participant, 2-Week Core Individual Events Program student

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

My lab leader was incredible.  He was not only knowledgeable but very supportive and kind.

— Alexandre Demoly, 2-Week Core Lincoln Douglas Program student