Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Entry Fees

We reserve the right to assess a late payment fee for squads which submit late payments. Note that ALL fees must be paid in full in order for a squad to be eligible for e-registration in lieu of MANDATORY in-person registration on Friday night (more details on the main invitation page).  Do not let yourself be the squad that ends up dropped from the field when you're ineligible for e-registration and then don't show up to the mandatory in-person registration.  Ideally every single squad would be e-registration eligible, and we intend to remind you regularly of these requirements to avoid any disappointment for squads that might otherwise overlook this critical requirement to register affirmatively on Friday via one of the approved channels.


Important payment instructions:


Mail fees to:

Stanford Debate Society

555 Bryant Street #599

Palo Alto, CA 94301


DO NOT MAIL CHECKS ANYWHERE EXCEPT FOR THIS SPECIFIC ADDRESS! (as Stanford is very large, checks sent to "Stanford University" or "Stanford Debate" without our EXACT address will NOT make it to our office)!

Please don't send anything that will require us to sign for your materials. We are not usually able to pick up mail from the processing center during business hours, and as a result sending anything that's signature required may substantially delay our receipt and ultimately the processing of your documentation.

We do post all checks received on so that you may see an updated accounting, however please understand that we need at least 5 business days to record and process checks. When combined with mail transit time, this means that you can expect about 10 calendar days from the date of mailing until we post your payment. Please don't inquire about the status of a mailed payment until we've had a chance to process, as we'll be receiving hundreds of checks in a very small window of time.


2020 Entry Fees: for reference only, provides a comprehensive and authoritative invoice for every squad's entry