Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Maps & Locations

Please remember that ALL IE's take place at the Santa Clara Marriott (map) on Saturday, and return to the Stanford campus on Sunday!  All debate events and congess are at the Stanford campus on Saturday and Sunday.

This page contains a list of the locations on campus of various important tournament functions. Each location is linked to a map, however you may also use the searchable Stanford campus map to find any location that you'd like, including all competition buildings and rooms.

We encourage smart phone users to download the iStanford app (iTunes or Google Play [links go directly to the app's pages]) which contains an easy to use campus map that will likely aid in locating your destinations around campus.

You may download a copy of the tournament map along with other important printed handouts on our "handouts" page.


Room nomenclature: if your pairing says something like 260-007, that means you are looking for building 260, room 007.


Bookmark our "on-site"! - won't be up and running until a few days prior to the tournament


Key locations on the Stanford Campusplease download iStanford on your smartphone and/or visit to locate buildings (or click the links below)


Wondering where you can park? Any spot labeled "A" or "C" is available for parking without permit outside of the hours of 6AM-4/6PM Monday-Friday (in other words, not enforced during the weekend). There are also various parking meters, parking garages, etc around the campus. The tournament stresses the importance of clearly reading all signs and curb markings before leaving your vehicle, as parking tickets may be assessed by the Stanford Sheriff's office and your vehicle may be subject to towing, and we are not responsible for any parking citations you may receive while at Stanford. There has been a recent uptick in vehicle break-ins on campus and in the broader Bay Area, so we STRONGLY suggest that you not leave any valuables in a vehicle and to follow common-sense precautions about not leaving anything of value in sight.  For more information on parking at Stanford, visit the Stanford Parking Information page.


Coming to Stanford in a bus? Stanford has instituted a ban on bus loading/unloading in the Oval in front of the main quad. This policy was implemented at the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year and updated again periodically, so please do notify and remind your bus company of these changes if you have not attended recently, as this will likely impact where you will need to be picked up and dropped off. There is a designated pick up/drop off point somewhat near the oval--to read more information, please visit Stanford's Tour Bus Protocol page.  NOTE that the location is a bit further from the main oval than in prior years, so you should build in a few more minutes of walking time versus prior years.