Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Required Stanford Invitational Waiver

Every student attending the Stanford Invitational must have their parent/guardian sign an "Individual Waiver" in order to attend the Stanford Invitational!

Squad coordinators bringing students to the Stanford Invitational must ensure that each student has completed this required document, which is to be remitted electronically in advance of the tournament.  We do not accept physical on-site submission of the waiver forms.  By registering to attend the tournament, squad coordinators agree that they are responsible for overseeing completion of this requirement for their attending competitors and understand that they will be asked to certify completion of this requirement as a critical core component of the final pre-tournament registration process.


Stanford Individual Waiver: The waiver can be accesed from this link


Instruction to coaches / squad coordinators:

  1. Print out and distribute a double-sided copy of the Stanford Individual Waiver to each student that will be attending the Stanford Invitational.  Be sure to let students and parents know that no student may attend the tournament without submitting a properly completed waiver form, and that the form must be signed with a wet signature (pen & paper only, electronic signatures not allowed).
  2. Collect completed waivers from all students that you are bringing to the tournament.  Make sure that waivers have been fully and correctly completed (student & parent names must be listed two times each, and both the student and parent/guardian must sign & date the form.
  3. Submit all of your squad's completed Stanford Individual Waivers in advance of the tournament.  We need fully legible copies of the waivers to be submitted in an organzied fashion via our designated digital submission system.  Do not email in 50 scanned forms, that won't meet your submission requirement.
  4. Coaches will be asked to certify that they have collected and are submitting to us fully & properly completed Stanford Individual Waiver forms for every student representing their squad at the tournament when completing final pre-tournament connfirmation/verification.


Instructions for "non School entries" (Independent Entries & Club/Academy entries) & vary slightly, so please be sure to review requirements on the Non-School Entries page.