Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Handouts & Flyers

Please feel free to review the handouts below. Some coaches may wish to download, print and distribute materials to their students, and judges may wish to review the judging guidelines in advance of the tournament. Copies of these materials will be available at Friday night's registration at the Santa Clara Marriott and at the Help Desk at the Stanford campus during the tournament.

If you are eligible and plan to complete E-Registration on Friday (rather than coming to registration at the Santa Clara Marriott), we strongly suggest that you print out copies of these materials and distribute them to students and judges in advance of the tournament so that they know where to go and what to do once they arrive!  This is also likely a good option for participants to familiarize themselves in advance of the tournament.


In the days & weeks leading up to the tournament the items listed below will be converted into links to digital versions of each document


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Student & Coach handouts:


Judging Instructions: