Stanford Invitational Tournament

Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

Judge Information & Requirements

The judge entry deadline is Sunday, January 27th, at 5:00 pm PST. At this point all judge fees will be considered final, and for any judge which is missing any required information (name, contact info, posted philosophy with link provided, etc) we will assess a fee equal to 25% of the cost of an uncovered entry in that event. Varsity LD and Varsity LD judges must be submitted with qualifications noted for approval, and the judge entry deadline includes completing the mandatory posting of judge philosophies for each judge.

We are always looking for qualified judging so that we can meet the needs of teams who are unable to bring enough judges to cover their entry.  If you or someone you know are interested in being considered as a hired judge, please complete the following form:


JUDGING COMMITMENT: Please plan on covering at least 1/2 of your judging commitment. Exceptions must be requested from the tournament director, and will be considered on an availability and "1st come, 1st serve" basis, with some priority given to schools who have a long history of attending the tournament. Schools without the requisite 1/2 may be required to reduce entries or make other arrangements with the tournament director to help get the entry covered with fully qualified judges. Large entries (more than 4 teams) will need to cover most of their entry with appropriately qualified judges. This is particularly true for Varsity Policy and Varsity LD debate.

Please remember that ALL judges from a school are committed for one round past the school’s last eliminated competitor in the event that the judges are covering unless released by the judges’ house chair. Please do not tell your judges you will get them released early, as we can't in any way promise this will happen. In order to protect schools who are meeting their commitments and provide a quality end of tournament experience for all students we will enforce judge commitments strongly this year! Schools who have competitors in elimination rounds and do not have their judges will either be charged the full judge fee for each entry for each uncovered round or if necessary be dropped from competition, at the discretion of the tournament director.

If you are a very highly qualified judge who is not fully committed, the tournament is very likely interested in hiring you for supplemental rounds! Please contact us if interested.

Judges: Schools are responsible for one qualified judge (some significant experience in the event either participating at a high varsity level at invitationals or coaching at a varsity level for policy and varsity LD debate if those events are the one the judge is being provided to cover entries for) for every two debate teams or fraction thereof, every three LD and / or Parli and / or Public Forum entries or fraction thereof (Parli and Public Forum will be double-flighted), one for every five events entries of fraction thereof, and one for every 10 congress entries or fraction thereof. Schools with more than 4 policy or LD entries need to be particularly mindful of the importance of covering judging.

EXPERIENCED JUDGING: Please note our expectations for quality, experienced judges, particularly in Varsity and JV Policy and Varsity and JV LD. If judges are found to not meet these criteria due to false information being provided, the judge may be removed from the pool, and double the original judge fee shall be due. Please be sure to EITHER bring FULLY qualified judges in Policy and LD debate OR make arrangements to hire judging from us early. We may not be able to accommodate requests to hire judges after Tuesday, January 24th, and any request after this date that we are able to fulfill will be charged at 125% of the listed judge fees for "on time" requests. Each round missed will result in the assessment of the fee for one uncovered team!

Specifically for varsity policy and varsity LD: In varsity policy and LD judges must have substantial experience, either competing, judging the event at invitationals, or both, and thus must be appropriate to judge a national circuit style of debate. This means that the judge should either be an active coach of varsity level competitors in the debate event they will be judging, or should have competed somewhat recently at a high varsity level at major invitationals. Other judge profiles may be submitted for approval. If because of strike/preference sheet results a judge is unable to fulfill the commitment, the tournament reserves the right to refuse the judge. If the tournament refuses your judge, you will have the choice of substituting a judge who is acceptable to the tournament or paying the judge fee.

Varsity judges must be submitted with qualifications noted for approval. Judge philosophies must be posted for each judge at the Judge Philosophies Wiki.

Round commitments:

ENTERING JUDGES/'split' judges or judging in 'shifts': Please note that in general and unless we provide an exemption, for a judge to “count” they must be available for a full day of competition. If you enter a judge on Tabroom for less than a full day's availability it will not count that judge towards your commitment. Similarly we do not allow judges to be “shared” between schools.  The above information means that for all debate events, any form of 'split day' judging is not allowed. We realize this may mean many schools will have to limit their entry, which all schools face as an issue.

For Speech events, we discourage split judging but we may allow them in certain cases by permission only. If we allow you to split your judges we do require one EXTRA judge per school for the IE division if you take advantage of this option since we've had a lot of problems with judges showing up on time for split day shifts. We do also allow split judges into shifts on Saturday, with one shift being the morning start time until 2 pm, and the other being 1:30 pm to end of day on Saturday.

Please note the following requirements for all judges:

Judging, related fees, and deadlines: Out of area college students willing to judge want at least $25 per round of debate or LD or more plus hotel and transportation. Moreover, even at these prices qualified, experienced judges can be in short supply. Therefore, schools wishing to "buy-out" are going to have to pay a premium price. If you know of qualfied parties who might be interested in juding please have them contact us as soon as possible. Remember that schools are required to cover at least 1/2 of your entry with judges. If this creates difficulty, please contact us in advance to discuss possible accommodation.

Missing judges & missed ballots: Schools deemed by the tournament director to be engaging in a consistent pattern of promising judges and then breaking that commitment without prior notice and arrangement will be suspended from the tournament for up to 3 years. We would rather run a smaller, quality tournament attended by schools willing to keep their commitment to the community than oversee a tournament made unmanageable by a lack of judges. Fees for missed ballots - each round missed will require that the judging fee for that judge spot be paid unless the round is 'made up' to the tournament director's satisfaction (usually requiring 2 rounds to make up 1 missed round). For example, if one policy round is missed, that round can either be made up as per mutual agreement with the tournament director (in a way that is beneficial to the tournament, which is not always possible), or the fee for one uncovered policy team can be paid, per round missed. In the event of unusual circumstances the tournament will try to allow for a single missed round to be made up.